The Completely Wireless, Bluetooth & FDA-Approved EMS Unit for Training, Muscle Building & Pain Management

Drug-free, medical device for athletic performance and pain relief.

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Electric muscle stimulator controlled through the free MyTens App Available on:

Electric Muscle Stimulator
Electric Muscle Stimulator


Electric Muscle Stimulator
Electric Muscle Stimulator

1  CHANNEL - $149

2 CHANNELS - $249

Electric Muscle Stimulator

TENS Pain Relief For:

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Electric Muscle Stimulator

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"I’ve actually seen more noticeable results than I ever have before on any other similar device. I’ve used it for pre and post workouts, injuries, joint pain, sore muscles and most interestingly for the fitness feature."

- Jean 

Electric Muscle Stimulator amazon
Electric Muscle Stimulator amazon



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"Love that I can control it with my phone- makes it super easy on the go and before workouts. Would recommend this to everyone."

- Andrea

"I’ve used other portable EMS [wired] devices – frankly, a joke – and clearly inferior by comparison, in product quality, use and results. "

- Peter

Electric Muscle Stimulator
Electric Muscle Stimulator
Electric Muscle Stimulator

 Give MyTens a shot and see why hundreds choose MyTens for Training, Muscle building & Pain Management! 

Electric Muscle Stimulator
Training & Pre-Workout

Electrical Muscle Stimulator Used For:

Strength & Muscle BuildingRecovery & Pain ManagementShop MyTens

Enhance your workout by adding MyTens electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

‘Strong Meets Smart’ comes to life when utilizing myTens Electrical Muscle Stimulation programs during your strength and conditioning workouts. 

Strengthening healthy muscles through extending electronic pulses to targeted muscle and nerve bundles can lead to increased performance.

Increase your power during your sprint! Trained athletes can increase their maximal sprint performance over 10 meters, as illustrated by a study from 20173 when 10 EMS sessions were applied to sole and calf muscles. High-performance athletes focus on improving motor abilities tailored to their sport. A 2012 literature review4 of the effects of EMS on strength concluded that EMS is “effective for developing physical performance”: 10 basketball players “enhanced knee extensor strength and squat jump performance” when using EMS in addition to a strength-training program5

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Recondition your muscles after a long day at the gym with MyTens EMS.

Recover like a pro and find temporary relief from pain after exercising with the addition of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Strengthen healthy muscles with electric pulses delivered through the skin.

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If you’ve been injured in your sport, the addition of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) can enhance your recovery. Re-education of muscles helps promote healing which is accomplished through the help of MyTens. In a 2018 literature review2, the addition of EMS for athletes during a rehab program decreased the muscle atrophy, keeping the muscle activated through contraction.

Prepare for your workout and condition your muscles by adding MyTens electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

Dynamic stretching for warm-ups is common amongst athletes and when it is added to an EMS session, it helps increase muscle extensibility. In a 2018 study1, 63 ‘amateur’ football players who had hamstring shortness found increased hamstring flexibility when EMS therapy was added to their dynamic stretching programs.

Coaches or trainers tell you to “warm up your muscles” before your daily practice or the big game. A 2018 literature review2 suggests that muscle mass is increased through use of EMS.

Warming up for practice with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) sets you up with nonselective recruitment of muscle fibers, preparing your muscles to take the load.


Try the Bluetooth, drug-free muscle stimulator during your workout to build muscle strength.


MyTens can help alleviate post-workout aches & pains while recovering muscle strength from the comfort of your own couch. 

Electric Muscle Stimulator For Fitness & Athletic Performance

Training & 

Strength & 
Muscle Building

Recovery & Pain Management

Before working out, condition your muscles through EMS & stimulate the nerves to contract your muscles.

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Electric Muscle Stimulator

While exercising at the gym, use EMS to enhance your workout. 

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Electric Muscle Stimulator
Electric Muscle Stimulator

In recovering from a hard day of training, use EMS to stimulate blood flow and TENS to alleviate pain from sore muscles.

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EMS For Fitness:

* MyTENS has been approved by FDA to provide temporary release of pain. For clarity, MyTENS is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease discussed in this website. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR AND HEATHCARE PROFESSIONAL FOR AN ACCURATE DIAGNOSTIC AND TREATMENT OF YOUR PAIN

11.Espejo-Antúnez, Luis et al. Immediate effects and one-week follow-up after neuromuscular electric stimulation alone or combined with stretching on hamstrings extensibility in healthy football players with hamstring shortening. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 2019, Volume 23, Issue 1, 16- 22.

2Adams, Volker. Electromyostimulation to fight atrophy and to build muscle: facts and numbers. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle, 2018, 9(4). Doi:

3Silinskas, V., Effect of Electrical Myostimulation on the Function of Lower Leg Muscles. J Strength Cond Res. 2017 Jun;31(6):1577-1584. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001594.

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5Maffiuletti NA., The effects of electromyostimulation training and basketball practice on muscle strength and jumping ability. Int J Sports Med. 2000 Aug;21(6):437-43.

Electric Muscle Stimulator for Training
Electric Muscle Stimulator for Building Muscle
Electric Muscle Stimulator
Electric Muscle Stimulator for Training
Electric Muscle Stimulator for Building Muscle


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